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Jinhai Holdings Symbiotic Fusion
Diversified and Integrated Platform of Enterprise

         Guangdong Jinhai Holdings Co., Ltd. is a famous private enterprise in Foshan, Guangdong. Formerly founded as Foshan Jinjun Development Co., Ltd. whose main business is steel trading since 1999, it is deemed as a model in the iron and steel industry in southern China with billions-RMB turnover in a decade. On the basis of sound development, Jinhai Holdings started diversified operations. In 2004, Jinhai Holdings stepped into the real estate industry by taking over Golden City Hotel and Foshan Jinhai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was founded thereby. Later, more real estate projects including Jinhai Plaza, Golden Peak Garden and Whisper Hills are developed and generated about 100 million RMB tax. In 2009, Jinhai Holdings won the bid for the Foshan New City transportation hub (also named M-CITY project) and became the first local real estate company that entered this area. By investing 4 billion RMB in this project, Jinhai Holdings has achived good sales, rewarded a big tax-payer in Foshan for consecutive three years. Once the project is finished, more than 1 billion RMB tax will be generated. Moreover, Jinhai Cultural and Creative Center is another master piece of us in Foshan New City. As a high-end office building neighboring the new Foshan Library and Century Lotus Sports Center, this center has already become the landmark of that area and contributes a lot in the city modernization.

         After 20-year development, Jinhai Holdings has built a diversified enterprise platform with capital (assets) of billions RMB, covering the areas such as finance and investment, real estate development, business operation, hotel and catering, property management and trading. The leader of Jinhai Holdings, Mr. Lao Junhao, never forgets the social responsibility.He has donated more than 10 million RMB to education and charitable programs (300,000 RMB for Dongping Primary School, 1.3 million RMB for Laocun Primary School in Lecong Town, 500,000 RMB for Jincheng Park in Chancheng District, etc.).Inspired by Mr. Lao, the management team of Jinhai Holdings spares no effort to create benign cultural atmosphere in the company, such as helping staff whose families meet difficulties. target-oriented responsibility and performance assessment system. Jinhai People are confident that enterprise will step forward steadily into a brighter future.